Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bakun Dam,The Forgotten Scandalous History

Was the Bakun Dam project is much more worse than the PKFZ in Klang?

The truth now is here people! Nobody wonders that the initial idea to build the most highest concrete structure dam in the world (outside China) was proposed in 1960s and a lot more studies has been done in the late 80s by the former predecessors of Malaysia Prime Minister and finally has been revived by Dato’ Sri Mahathir bin Mohamad (At That time was the current PM) in 1993.

Can you imagine, project that was halted in 1997 due to the global financial crisis at that time, still need to proceed because since we know that it was the ‘lubuk cepat kaya’ for the certain important persons in this project. As we can see, the project’s contract was totally gone to the local base company which is owned by the state government at that time – even the contract was initially given to the foreign company.

So, why we are so vital in this project? Since we are the tax-payer; it is totally confirmed that the cost of USD 2.4 Billion to certainly kept the project survive and displaced almost 10,000 natives to Sungai Asap resettlement camp in 1998 was ours; which those money suppose to help poor people and not to let the millionaire to be a super-millionaire. The home-grown people had been given RM 2500 for each family (a lot for the poor and uneducated indigenous people) and force them to sign a fake document when they arrive at the settlement.

But, it was not as sweet as the tidbits.

After the 3rd attempt, the project finally will be completed this October (2010) and they will started flood an estimation of 500 sq km (187.5 sq miles) of rainforest, equivalent to the size of Singapore, and destroy one of the oldest wild-forest in the world to produce a 2400MW of power; which at last, will go to an unknown-rich-pocket. As the initial needs for Sarawak was just nearly 200MW at that time (1980).What is more important isthe project completely attached with the under-sea cables; which they estimate to be started in 2017.

Why 2017?

Okay, can it be considered that the project which is at the final phase of completion and will be flooded in just a few months from now; but the power generated between the years of 2010 to 2017(as if it started) will go to no-where.

Yes, they have signed the agreement with Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary’s GIIG Holdings has tied up with Aluminium Corp of China Ltd (Chalco) which is reported will need 600MW and Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd’s joint venture with Rio Tinto Alcan will require between 900MW and 1,200MW of electricity. Collectively, that adds up to 1,800MW. Granted, these projects are expected to be phased out.

Even that the agreement has been signed and the project has said to be started soon .But it will only completed in 2013; still have 3 years of power-spill. And recently Sarawak plans 5 more hydro dams. What the heck?

So, what you think?

Remember, East Malaysia currently has the highest number of poor households in the country. It’s not enough with just build more hydro dams and aluminium smelters; and left behind the priority of the home-grown people, but they(government) also need to ensure the maximum benefit to the people of the state- and by extension the country.

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