Saturday, March 13, 2010

SPM result; what your say?

It's still not too late to say congratulation to those who achieved a good result in SPM last year. For those who not success, don't be too sad. The path is still long. It's just the beginning. Why I'm saying this because no all top students in SPM can success in their next level of studies, or even in their life generally.

In the recent years, we always heard about the students who achieved straight As for their SPM will fly abroad and continue their study overseas.Otherwise, they can continue locally. They will get their scholarship (mostly) and the government (JPA) will pay all the fees of their studies and those students will be bonded to the government, unless they can afford to pay the money back.

But the phenomena that become the issue is there are a lot of the straight As nowadays. Are all the students become smarter than the past students? or, the level or the grading system has been changed that students can easily get good results for their examinations?

Maybe i shouldn't say it is all about politics. its not possible to say it since almost all of the systems in today's government has to be apart of it. Maybe I'm wrong. But you should think about it, and say it to your own self.Let the good things happen people. Tahniah semua!

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