Thursday, July 29, 2010


THINK out of the box! Maybe, this is the perfect words you might say once you completed the epilogue of this book titled, FREAKONOMICS. The title attracted me most! It is a combination of two words which are freak and economics. What is so interesting with this title? Is it just annoying piece of written pages that has nothing to do with our daily life? or, its just a comical novel?

Written by the Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the Freakonomics is a blend of a long hours of critical thinking and regressions of data from the point of interests of the writers and came out with a correlation from those data, which some economist might say, "a rubbish". Since both of the writers is an economic-base and important personnel in top university in the United States of America, the book has nothing to be exposed,but to explore the hidden side of everything, almost everything.

The chapter started with a story on what do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? In which, this part of the book explores about the beauty of incentives, as well as their dark side, which is cheating. Teachers and the sumo wrestlers are cheating in the same way; which is needed by them to survive in their own battle ring, to gain an incentives and not to be terminated( teachers) while the sumo wrestlers are wrestles to save them from becoming the victim of the Japanese gangster clan, Yakuza.

What can i say, this book is Brilliant! the style of the writing is so easy and the tone is so funny and humorous. At first, it is really hard to realize the arguments in Freakonomics. But, once you getting deeper and deeper, you will start saying.. "yes.. I'm really into it!" I strongly recommended this book to all of you, Malaysian.It is available at all bookstores nationwide. Happy reading people!

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