Friday, July 30, 2010

Stop fighting, and start working!

RECENTLY, the front page of the leading newspapers in our lovely country, Malaysia were focused on some dramas that had happened involving the person in the government itself. The press tried their best to deliver the story to their regular readers even though sometimes they don't even know the story is true or not. But, what they had written about the civil servants lately were real and true stories.

At first, I was attracted to a column in The Star written by the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan about the efforts taken by the government to boost up the productivity and the quality of the civil servants in Malaysia. He really want to abolish and brushed out any negative-picture made by the public about the government sector which is usually labeled as poor by the public.

I am strongly admit that the government sector still need an improvement and a revamp to build up the image of the government itself. For me, the government sector is isn't that bad.We were the 6th best government in the world in 2008(it was not easy to be achieved). But, a major overhaul still need to be taken to level up the credibility of the civil servants nationwide so that the government sector itself can play the main role in managing the country to achieve the Wawasan 2020 which was initially introduced by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad.

While the Malaysian is busy talking about the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), they were interrupted about the story that the State Development Officer (appointed by the federal government) has lost his cool with his Chief, Lim Guan Eng which is well known is an opposition (since Penang has taken over by the opposition in 2008). As usual, the Bosses that appointed the SDO has backed him by saying that the Penang's Chief Minister was acted badly and not professional enough to handle the problem.

The most interesting point here is, a civil servant is in any way, still a civil servant. They are appointed not because of money, but to serve the country the best they can do. It was a very dissapointing moment for the SDO but not the Malaysian. Maybe, THEY should settle this problem on a round table and not by doing some press release and acting like a politician. They should more focus on the development of the state and the country generally and not let any of these kind of problems appear again in the future.

Do they actually notice that the huge decrease on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has something to do with them? or they just don get the picture of it.Can you imagine, somehow in the mass media, an international important person who is a prospect investor said that he/she wants to some money in some business in our country, which is on his view has a huge potential to develop his business.

Do any of related personnel come and know his house's door and say directly to him that we can give them a place for him/her to invest in this country. But, what had happened is oppositely and he started to think to invest in other country since some other personnel from interested country has approached the potential investor earlier than Malaysia. No one come to him/her, and a huge loss on the FDI has totally nothing to do with him/her. We should blame ourselves and not pointing with each others.

After all, every single person in this country, either who came from the multi-different backgrounds, should work together as a team to build up this country and let all the criticisms and blames to be the tonic to ourselves to be more patriotic and focus on our job as a Malaysian. The burden should not be carried alone by the civil servants, but all Malaysians. For me, as a Malaysian, I really proud to say that i am a Malaysian. Malaysia, You will always in my heart!

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