Friday, July 16, 2010

Please, help the poor Govt

Bang! its a subsidies cut dude! why it is so fast dear Gov? People keep chatting and talking about the price hike even in the mamak and even a student who still has no income yet talking about it with a serious face. Started today, Malaysian will enjoying the 5 cents price hike on the Rons, and not forgettable the Sugarcane business, also experiencing a hike after government implemented their first move to cut the subsidies.

Do the Malaysian thinks the same as the government?

For the high-income group, these cut wont burden them too much. Instead of experiencing the 5 cents per litre increased in the Rons, the will generate more than hundreds thousands of times profit rather than complaining about the cuts.

But, the problem is how to find ways to ensure poor cope with higher cost of living after the subsidy cuts?

I am fully agree with the comment from the Fomca secretary general's comments on the cuts. He said ' Richer people will be able to afford it. The government must do something to take away the burden put on the people'. But,what he suggested was ridiculous. With only reduce the public transport fares 20-30 percents wont help the poor to cope with the subsidies cuts. How many people are using these public transport in rural areas? and if it is acceptable, the government must find the other ways to cope with their financial to back up the subsidy on the fares, then.

As a student, i am relieved that the amounts of cuts is not as much as expected. the most thing that in mind is, how long will it last Gov? when will be second round of the cuts?

As Seri Setia assemblyman, Nik Azmi said to the press, " I understand the Government's need to reduce subsidies, but it is unfortunate that the mechanism, expected to be implemented on May 1 has not taken place". What he was quoted is about the mechanism to ensuring that only targeted groups were allowed to buy subsidies fuel using the Mykad during their purchases.

Actually, as an amateur in dealing with these atmosphere, since i am studying Physics;i am totally not against the implementation, but how the way government manage the National Budget is more important. From the analysis, government expected to generate around Rm750 million from the cuts; still not enough to pay the cost for the newly built 'Istana Negara' which costs the government Rm880 million.

At the end of the day, there are some pros and cons from the cuts that government has implemented to us Malaysian. How we handle it, and how the adjustment that need to be done by us to cope with it; Its up to us. Me, as the Malaysian that from the middle-class income family is highly hope that the mechanism that will allow the subsidy to be given to the targeted group of people can be implemented before the second Tsunami of cuts are coming, soon. Enjoy your day Malaysian!

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